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Returns Refunds Exchanges Shipping Policies

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  •  Must be received by us within fourteen (14) days of that item's purchase
  • The item MUST be in 100% 're-sellable as New' condition, (ie: no damage; no signs of consumer use)
  • All original retail packaging must be included when the item is presented or returned to BENT BIKE; all original packaging shall be returned intact and free from damage, as many products cannot be returned BY US to the manufacturer, and will therefor require a complete re-stock into our existing inventory for re-sale to the public.
  • If item is being returned via Postal Service or parcel delivery company, the Returned item will be packaged in a container which will ensure the retail packaging of the item being returned shall not be damaged in any way (ie: no tape; no rips; no missing parts; no writing or marks; etc.)
  •  BENT BIKE reserves the Right to affix a 20% re-stocking fee to any transaction with regard to a 'Return'; which shall be deducted from the amount, if any, that is refunded to the original retail purchaser
  • All 'Free Freight' orders which qualify for either a partial OR full refund MAY be refunded less the deducted original freight costs; the deducted sum will reflect the amount originally paid by BENT BIKE for shipping the item at 'no cost' to the original purchaser
  • 'Electrical Items' (parts, accessories, etc.) DO NOT QUALIFY for either 'Return' or 'Refund' unless they are returned in their original. un-opened, undamaged retail packaging
  • HELMET Sales are FINAL 
  • 'Close-out' and 'SALE' items are FINAL
  • Sales of 'Special Orders' , 'Warehouse transfers', 'Electrical Items' are FINAL
  • 'Used' parts are NOT Returnable; USED parts are NON-REFUNDABLE


BENT BIKE reserves the Right to choose the method of shipment and the provider of the delivery / shipment service for items which are purchased by the public consumer through its online Shopping Cart; retail outlets; and / or online sales portals (eBay, craigslist, et. al). Further, BENT BIKE shall be free, without limitation to choose the level of service by which a shipment will be sent to the purchaser. Any reference or mention of a specific level of shipping service mentioned by BENT BIKE staff; described in textual form on our website or online sales portals is not a guarantee of our utilazation of that particular service. 

'SPECIAL Request for EXPEDITED Shipping'

A request by a customer for an 'expedited' means of shipping an item they have purchased will be treated as a 'Special Request'; in the event a sales transaction which is accompanied by a 'Special Request Shipping Method' results in the need for a customer to receive a Refund for the amount of the item's purchase price 'Plus Shipping', the amount of the Refund will be limited to no more than the full Retail price of the item(s) and the BASIC, 'standard' retail price for shipping the item--regardless of the method which was initially used to ship the item to the customer.


Washingtion State requires Dealers to verify a vehicle buyer's information prior to selling any vehicle;

Consequently, it is a requirement of this company to have the prospective owner present with proper valid Identification at time of sale; Therefor, our vehicles MUST be purchased IN PERSON at the dealership; Purchases, or attempted purchases of a vehicle through this website are NOT VALID and any payment that is 'completed' will result in a refund  the transaction VOIDED. Any electronic 'confirmation' received by a user of this website in conjunction with an ATTEMPT to purchase a vehicle online DOES NOT transfer any interest or legal ownership of that vehicle to the user. BENT BIKE will not be held accountable for actions of users who purposely circumvent this Policy.