7 Tips to Stay Visible While Riding Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can present you with a host of challenges on the road. Other drivers on the road often misjudge the actions of motorcycle riders. Riders can mitigate some of the mishaps on the road by utilizing the appropriate motorcycle gear. Below are some tips on how you can stay visible while riding your motorcycle.

1. Wear Visible Clothing

To avoid the risk of being hit by other cars, wear visible clothing such as a reflective jacket. The most appropriate colours during the day include bright yellow, green or orange. At night, wear something reflective or place reflective tape on your motorcycle or gear.

2. Put Your High Beams to Good Use

While it’s rude to have your high beams extremely bright during the day, having them on at the right intensity makes you visible to other road users. Your aim should be to get noticed by other drivers but not to dazzle them by completely blinding their vision. It does not help anyone if your high beams are so bright that other drivers can’t see you at all.

3. Consider Riding in a Group

If oncoming drivers cannot see one high beam, they will find it hard to miss a group of riders with their high beams on. Besides being highly visible, most motorists tend to be more cautious around large groups of motorcycle riders. In any case, it’s a lot of fun riding in a group.

4. Be Predictable on the Road

Unless you want to get hit, make sure you are predictable by clearly signalling your intentions by correctly positioning yourself on the road. For instance, if your intentions are to ride through an intersection, staying in the middle lane will let other drivers understand your intentions. Avoid daredevil on-the-edge-of-the-lane tactics that may be misconstrued by other drivers.

5. Wear a Bright or Reflective Helmet

First, it’s a no-brainer that you should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Second, bright helmets can greatly reduce your chances of crashing. It has been established that riders who wear brightly coloured helmets are less likely to be involved in a crash than those wearing dark-coloured helmets.

6. Try Flashing Your Brakes

Flashing your motorcycle brakes lightly but repeatedly creates a flashing red light that enhances your visibility for the drivers behind to spot you.

7. Dress up Like a Cop

Your biggest challenge on the road is being cut off by other overzealous motorists. However, not many motorists are brave enough to cut off cops. It might help to dress up like one. Consider putting on a white helmet to complete the illusion.

Motorcycle riders are exposed to grave dangers on the road. Apart from the fact that a motorcycle is less stable than a car, it is also not very visible on the road. This challenge with visibility has been a cause of many motorcycle crashes on the road. You can minimize or eliminate the risk of being involved in a motorcycle crash by taking a few precautions.


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