5 Reasons to Wear Gloves When Riding Your Motorcycle

Few people question the importance of motorcycle safety gear. When you are riding a motorcycle, you are completely exposed, and helmets and other motorcycle gear prevent serious injuries from falls or collisions. Your hands, in particular, are one of the most useful parts of your body, and wearing gloves, in addition to other gear, has several key benefits.

1. Protect Yourself from Falls

Your hands often bear the impact of a fall, as sticking your hands out in front of you is, more or less, instinctual. Keeping them covered can prevent or reduce the severity of road burns and other injuries that might limit the use of your hands in the future.

2. Your Hands Are Extremely Important

You can’t exactly drive your motorcycle with your hands, and hand injuries can potentially limit your ability to ride in the future, so it’s important to have them protected as much as possible. Gloves protect from flying debris and other hazards, but in general, feeling discomfort in your hands can affect the quality of your ride.

3. You Can Protect the Rest of Your Body

You never really know what you might encounter out on the road, and if you ever need to throw your hands in front of your face or another part of your body, you will feel much more confident in doing so with the right motorcycle gear. When you are wearing gloves, your hands will be more prepared for any instinctual attempts at protecting the rest of your body.

4. Prevent Numbness Out on the Road

Numbness could arise for a few different reasons, and it’s not so uncommon with motorcycle riders. Wearing gloves can reduce the amount of numbness you feel and might even eliminate it entirely. During long rides or particularly cold rides, your hands will be protected, and the lack of numbness will improve the quality of the ride, as well as your ability to drive.

5. Better Grip on the Handles

Even the slightest amount of slipperiness during your ride is dangerous, and the better grip you have, the better you will be able to steer and react to sudden changes. Wearing gloves with grip ensures that you have a firm hold of the handles and are able to grab the clutch or break when you need it. For the best grip, your gloves shouldn’t be loose or slippery on the surface.


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