4 Best Motorcycle Gear You Should Have Before You Hit the Road

As a motorcycle rider, you understand responsibility on the road. Not just for yourself but for other cars around you as well as other riders. This responsibility can be made a lot easier with the proper motorcycle gear you carry along with you on your ride. For those who are just beginning with their motorcycle, it is especially important to note some of the best motorcycle gear that you should have before you take your bike out on the road.

1. Helmet

Although motorcycle laws vary from state to state, you should always wear a helmet. While it may be nice to feel your hair blowing in the wind or you may want to show off your new shades, a helmet can save your life. While you may be the best motorcycle rider out there, that doesn’t mean others are. More importantly, car drivers and truck drivers are out there on the road with you. Because they may not be paying attention, they can do a lot of damage to you and your bike. A helmet can increase the chances of living through an accident and as such is the number one motorcycle gear you should always have with you.

2. Jacket

This is where you can have a bit of fun. Although the jacket does serve a practical purpose in helping you stay a bit safer, it can also be used as a place to announce your gang or brand. By stitching your logo or crest on your jacket, you can tell everyone exactly who you are and who you belong to on the road. More than that, it can also keep you warm when the wind takes a turn for the chillier.

3. Gloves

There are a ton of motorcycle gloves at your disposal. They’re necessary for a lot of reasons. One, in the event of a fall, they can keep your hands from being burnt up by the road. They can also keep them safe in the event that the car or truck ahead of you keeps kicking up small stones. Finally, they offer temperature protection. Riding as fast as you likely are going to, those winds can become chilly after a certain time. By keeping your hands warm, you decrease the risk of having to let go of the motorcycle to warm them and causing an accident.

4. Boots

Flipflops and shoes just won’t cut it on a motorcycle. Shoes that tie can come undone and get twisted up in the motorcycle which could be quite nasty. There’s nothing safer to wear than boots. They look pretty sweet and hardcore, too.


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